About Me

“I’m going to miss my Wednesdays with Stuart.”— former client


Hi, I’m Stuart Daciuk and I’m glad you’re here! I live and work in beautiful Burnaby B.C. where I have begun to see clients in private practice and I very much look forward to meeting you (and perhaps your partner too). I’ve been ridiculously lucky as a counsellor to have to met so many wonderful clients and had many amazing experiences working with them. Being a therapist is not only rewarding, but is also extremely motivating and often much more fun than people would first guess. Whether we are having a laugh about the absurdity of life’s problems, discussing some intricate point about belief or how to live, or sharing the deep sorrow of a painful experience—it is always something unique and interesting to work on together. It still surprises me how many clients feel poorly about themselves when they have so much to offer and make my day better. Hopefully I make their lives better too.

I’ve been told that I’m warm, friendly, and engaged with clients (not just taking notes from behind a clipboard). I’m keenly interested in topics like philosophy and psychology as we struggle to understand how we ought to act and why we end up doing what we do instead. I admire comedians (perhaps a little too much) and believe we get the best truths from jokes. For some reason I have silly idea that we ought to challenge ourselves handle as much truth and honesty as we an possibly stand. I love comedy that subverts our expectations and challenges how we see the world. When a comedian makes me laugh and feel stupid at the same time I think they have done an excellent job.

I’m a registered clinical counsellor (RCC), psychotherapist, and sex therapist. RCC is a special term in B.C. for those licensed through the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors which determines the eligibility of members based on educational and ethical standards. “Psychotherapist” is an unrestricted term, but generally means that the person using it applies theories and knowledge from psychology in their work with clients. “Sex therapist” is also an unregulated term in Canada but generally means that a person is highly educated and trained in dealing with a wide array of sexual problems.

I hold a masters degree in counselling, a bachelors degree in psychology, and I continuously seek out a variety of courses and training to be a better therapist. I was supremely lucky to do a practicum through the Adler Centre in Vancouver. I’m very grateful to the master therapists associated with the Adler Centre where I was exposed to some often overlooked counselling perspectives that I find tremendously helpful today. The centre itself is a wonderfully supportive place and I maintain a relationship with many of the people involved there.

“Have you ever stopped to watch a bluebird drop from a tree and take to the air? Me neither.” — Bo Burnham