• $100/50min

  • $200/110min


  • $120/50min

  • $240/110min

Reduced rates are available for clients in distress who are experiencing financial difficulties. Please don’t hesitate to bring up your situation with your therapist during the intake or consultation.

How often should you see your therapist? It’s often recommended that you start off with weekly visits for the first 4-6 sessions as both research and clinical experience confirms that clients are more likely to experience a stronger benefit. Many clients often feel they have resolved their distress in that time and discontinue or reduce frequency to bi-weekly or monthly check-ins to maintain gains or make tweaks to their therapy and plans.

Is counselling covered by your health plan?

Extended Medical Plans often provide coverage for clinical counselling. If you are unsure of your coverage, please consult with your provider. Often you must still provide payment for services, then your plan will reimburse you upon approval of your submitted receipts.

MSP does not currently provide coverage for clinical counselling.