“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

– Patch Adams

Individual Counselling

Relationship Therapy

Sex Therapy

“Stuart is a compassionate, ethical, non-judgmental counsellor who utilizes various interventions with a flair of humour, warmth, and kindness” — Andrea Jonsson, MA, RCC, CAC 


Hi, I’m Stuart, a registered clinical counsellor (RCC), psychotherapist, and sex therapist. I work with individuals and couples from all walks of life who are experiencing emotional, psychological, relational, and sexual issues that have left them feeling discouraged. My practice is based around collaborative, supportive, and unpretentious conversations that are aimed at reducing and resolving what makes you suffer. I’m pleased to offer free consultations in person or over the phone to see if I’m the right fit for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me and setup a conversation where you can ask questions and get to know a little bit about me and how therapy can work for you. I currently work from an office conveniently located in Brentwood, Burnaby, B.C. next to transit, parking, and local amenities.

I have been deeply influenced by many great therapists, psychologists, teachers, and philosophers from various schools of thought. What stands out to me about most great therapists is not their use of techniques as problem solving tools, but how gracefully they blend technique into conversation as if it were nothing out of the ordinary to ask an evocative question, integrate an intervention, or to suggest a piece of wisdom. My goal as a therapist is to continue to integrate my thoughts, training, and experience into a way of being a therapist rather than a list of therapy techniques I do to people so that conversations are natural, warm, genuine, and even fun.

Counselling is about working together to analyze your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and patterns that chain together, one after the other, and lead you into feeling discouraged, defeated, hopeless and helpless. Counsellors seek to turn that around by figuring out what you can do differently to be more fulfilled, agentic, authentic, and happy. I believe it is important to consider problems with a wide range of knowledge and perspectives in order to find solutions that work for you: biological, emotional, psychological, social, philosophical, scientific, relational—whatever is needed to generate what is helpful for you personally.

Whatever difficulties you’re facing, I’d love to hear about them and bring my resources to the table to help you achieve greater happiness, freedom, and joy. I draw on years of experience in the helping profession, training in the fields of psychology and counselling, training in sex therapy and couples counselling, devotion to continuous learning, and my own personal development as a flawed person. I bring a range of traditional and modern therapy modalities to the conversation, drawing upon the big and small ideas which have shaped my practice and helped many people solve problems and live better lives. So don’t delay, let’s get to work on making your life better together.