Individual Therapy

“I’ve never known what it was like to have someone really listen to me before. Thank you.”—Client

Individual counselling is a time and place set aside for you to work on what you would like to do differently in your life. It is only limited to our imagination and what words we can use to express our selves. It is not unusual for me to have some clients who have very specific goals and ideals to focus on, nor is it unusual for me to have clients who are seeking a sounding board for their thoughts, or someone interested in an open and flexible conversation about their inner life.

Individual counselling can be your personal time to:

  • Rally personal resources and strengths to resolve a harmful problem or situation

  • Observe your emotional landscape and correct inappropriate or disproportionate reactions that limit your happiness

  • Refocus your current skills and abilities towards a more satisfying way of life that is in-line with your deeper values

  • Learn and practice new skills to help you respond more successfully to a wider range of life problems

  • Reduce anxiety and depression that limits your joy, flexibility, and success

  • Explore the origins and development of your emotional processing and personal logic

  • Reduce traumatic responses that sap your freedom, creativity, and power

  • Develop stronger boundaries with others, develop the strength to say “no” and to be your self again

  • Deepen your own character and empathy to prevent yourself from causing harm to others

Counselling is like reading a great book: you go into a deep examination of how a character (you) develops over time, faces struggles, opens new doors, and ultimately moves towards completion of a particular phase of life. The wonderful thing about individual counselling is that we have the freedom to develop a way of working that suits you best. It’s your story we are learning about and helping to move along to the next chapter. We can deal with issues that you would like to focus on and try to build a treatment plan in a way that works with your particular wants and needs.